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Solid Hardwood


The most traditional style of hardwood is referred to as solid hardwood and it has been installed in Canadian homes for decades. This type of hardwood most commonly measures ¾" in thickness and a width of 3 ¼. Solid hardwood is often installed in the dining room and living room areas to enhance the décor and create a classic feel to a home. This type of hardwood is a natural wood product and as a result, it will expand and contract as the humidity in a home rises and falls over the course of the year. Several species of wood are available in a wide range of colours.

Action Flooring Tip: Hardwood is designed to look luxurious but is not recommended for high traffic areas or to withstand heavy wear and tear that young children or pets can often present.  It is essential that your house can regulate the humidity throughout the year by heat / air conditioning or an HVAC with solid hardwood products.

Engineered Hardwood


This type of hardwood offers a product that can be utilized in basements, condominiums or other areas that have cement floors, unlike solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is manufactured with multiple layers of plywood backing that provides support for the top layer of real hardwood. Several species of wood are available in engineered wood and due to the manufacturing process, there are more options as far as variety of board widths as compared to solid products.

Action Flooring Tip: Engineered hardwood can be installed on cement and over radiant heated floors which sets it apart from other types of hardwood.

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