Tile & Stone


Floor Tiles

One of the most durable and attractive styles of flooring that you can purchase is ceramic or porcelain tile. Tiles are able to withstand high traffic even in the most hectic household and are used most commonly in foyer areas, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. There are hundreds of choices as far as the colour, style and size that tiles are available in. Once tiles are installed they are easy to maintain and are certainly a type of flooring that will stand out in your home for several years.

Action Flooring Tip:  You can completely change the look of a room by having the floor tiles installed on a 45 degree angle.

Wall Tile (for kitchen)

Backsplash tiles in a kitchen cabinet area are one way to completely change the look of a room at an affordable price. Wall tiles that are used for a backsplash area are available in practically every colour and often times they have decorative inserts to enhance the look.  A current trend that you will find in any current decorating magazine are tiles that have a metal or glass look.

Action Flooring Tip:  One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to dress up your kitchen is by adding backsplash tile above your countertops. The most common size for backsplash tile are 4" x 4"  because proportionally they look the best.

Wall Tile (for bathrooms)

Wall tiles have been used in tub surround areas for decades and that is still a common practice. These types of tile are available with inserts and decorative borders in a wide range of looks from traditional to natural stone look. 

Action Flooring Tip:
If you want a look right out of a magazine there are some wall tiles that are available with matching floor tiles.  Glass tiles and decorative borders are now very popular to accent shower and tub suround tile.