Sheet Vinyl

Traditional Sheet Vinyl

The most common type of floor that you will find in a kitchen is still a vinyl floor. Vinyl remains one of the most economical ways to revive the look of kitchen, foyer or bathroom. Within the last ten years, technology has allowed vinyl manufacturers to produce flooring that looks so authentic -- that its difficult to tell if its actually vinyl or tile.

Action Flooring Tip:  Relatively new to the market are vinyl floors now being offered that are rated as environmentally friendly products.

Luxury Sheet Vinyl

A relatively new alternative to the vinyl marketplace is fibre floor. The styles and patterns that are now available in fibre floor products are more popular than they've ever been. Fibre floor is recommended to be glued into place but depending on the applications it could be "loose layed" and held in place by the weight of the vinyl plus baseboard trim.  This type of product was originally designed for basement with significant moisture issues where the floor could be removed, dried out and then rolled back into place.

Action Flooring Tip:  If you have a basement area that has encountered flooding problems in the past ..... this type of product would be a great alternative.