Many flooring companies have created eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products and that trend is continually growing. Flooring options now include natural resouces such as wool carpets from Godfrey Hirst and cork from Wicanders. Other companies have changed their manufacturing process to be more conscious of the environmental ramifications and one is Mannington with their vinyl and hardwood products. Mohawk carpet have introduced their Smart Strand lines which uses renewable and sustainable carpet fibers during manufacturing. Every year there are new eco-friendly options that are being introduced in the flooring industry as companies make every attempt to do their part in becoming more diligent about the enviromental impact of their products.   

Action Flooring Tip:  Cork is absolutely one of the most environmental-friendly styles of floor. The unique aspect about cork is that the product is made from the bark from a cork tree and these trees have the capability to re-grow the bark back.