Residential Carpet 

Carpet still remains as one of the most popular choices in flooring in most homes today. The styles of carpet have changed over the years but the soft, comfortable feel has remained constant. Residential, commercial and berber carpets are the most common styles and are available in a multitude of colours, weights and patterns. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to carpet choices and Action Flooring's staff are experienced at matching room d├ęcor to suite your needs.

Action Flooring Tip:  The underpad is the most important starting point when selecting carpet and it will certainly make a huge difference in making your carpet look new for years to come.


Commercial Carpet 

Most office settings continue to use commercial carpet as the first choice in flooring.  In recent years carpet tiles have becoming an increasingly popular choice by Kingston businesses, hospitals, restaurants, government buildings and any settings that endure a huge amount of wear and tear.  Action Flooring has completed hundreds of commercial carpet jobs over the years.

Action Flooring Tip:  One advantage of installing carpet tile is in the event of staining or damage.  It is definitely much more economical and convenient to replace a single carpet tile than a large piece of carpet.